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Below are two stories from our days investigating as GPIG, the Goshen Paranormal Investigations Group. 

Unexplained Energies by Matt

Hi Bruno,

I never really ghost hunt per say. The two Jackson incidents were purely out of curiosity when was younger. The first back in about 1992. The second was in the late 90s. I don’t remember the year exactly, but after our visit there, we found out that about a week before a drug dealer had taken someone back there and killed him over a drug dispute. The Primrose incident was more just by accident while I was driving out west of South Bend looking to get away from the city lights because the Northern Lights were visible. 

When I was attending Elkhart Central High School in the late 80s, early 90s, we always heard about Jackson Cemetery and that it was supposed to be haunted. There was some story about a witch being buried there. One year on Halloween two of my friends and I decided we would go back there to check it out. We didn’t really know exactly where it was. We got south of Goshen late at night. There was a road that had two ninety degree turns, one to the right and shortly thereafter to the left. The road went through the middle of all these fields. We weren’t really sure where to drive to, so at one point we decided to turn around. When we did, we saw a pick-up truck across the fields sitting on the side of the road with its lights off. For some reason we all got an uneasy feeling. The two friends I had with me were not the kind of guys the be scared easily, but I could tell they were scared. As we got closer to the truck, it turned on its lights and started driving toward us. It was a white full sized truck. As we passed, there were three guys in the truck with white, glowing and completely expressionless faces. This really freaked us out. We started driving a bit faster to get back on the main road (highway) south of Goshen. We looked back and noticed the truck turned around and was at this point chasing us. 

My one friend, who claims he doesn’t believe in God, was on the floor of the back seat praying. My other friend -a rather crazy guy - was yelling and cheering that we were going to die. We got back on the highway and headed toward Goshen. The truck was right behind us. There was a traffic light and it was green. Suddenly it turned red. A second later it turned back to green. I was looking at the truck. The second the light turned back to green, it vanished. There was no sign of it anywhere. Even if they had turned off, we would have seen it. We all drove back to Elkhart and never discussed this incident again. We figured no one would believe us anyway. 

Several years later, it was either before or after I moved to Chicago to take a job after I graduated from Indiana University. I had met up with 3 friends from High School. We decided to just drive around Elkhart while trying to think of something we could do. My friend who was driving had just had knee surgery. I was sitting in the front passenger seat and my other friend was in the back seat with his wife. At one point we came upon the subject of Jackson Cemetery. Since I had never actually made it to the cemetery, I was all for it and so were the rest of my friends. At least one of these friends had been there before so we knew where to go. 

We drove around kind of a curvy road and there was a big boulder on the right side of the road by some trees. Suddenly I got a really weird feeling and the temperature in the car dropped. I said “Let’s turn around” and “we shouldn’t do this.” So we turned around and started driving away. At that point the temperature in the car turned back to normal. Now my friends said we were all chicken and that we drove all the way out here for nothing. Then we decided to turn around and go to the cemetery. Once we passed that rock on the side of the road the temperature dropped again. As we came to the cemetery gates I said, and I will remember these words exactly for the rest of my life, “we do not want to go in there, and once we do, we will wish we had never gone in there.” I convinced my friend to turn the car around once more, but my other friend convinced him to turn back and drive into the cemetery. Once we passed the gate, I thought, “oh this isn’t so scary.” We wound our way back into the cemetery and my friend made a big loop to turn around. 

Just as we had turned almost 180 degrees, the car died and the headlights flashed 6 times on and off. We yelled at him to turn the car back on. He put the car in Park and turned the key, but the car was dead as dead could be. We all looked at each other and said “now what”… the next second we all simultaneously yelled “RUN!!!” We got out of the car. To our left was a swampy area which now had steam rising out of it and we heard screams and howling and some of the most gut-wrenching noises I had ever heard in my life. My friend who just had knee surgery picked up his crutches and put them under his arm and ran. I think he was running even faster than I was. We ran and ran. Ahead we could see the gates of the cemetery. The howling seemed to follow us. As we got closer to the gate, I had this feeling that if I just make it to the gate, everything will be okay. Once I got to the cemetery entrance, I kind of jumped through the gate. Once we were on the other side, it became deathly quiet. No more noises, no more howling, nothing. 

Okay, now what? We are in the middle of nowhere without a car. None of us was even thinking about going back to the car. It wasn’t even an option. So we started walking. We walked onto the road and turned left. We were still scared and huddled together in the middle of the road. We came upon a house and began to knock. It was now around 1:30am. There were no lights on in the house and we got no response. So we continued on. We found another house, and again the same thing, no lights anywhere and no answer. 

Then we found a third house on the right hand side of the road with lights on. It was a two-story house. I told my friends that they should go up and knock since I was the one who said we shouldn’t go to the cemetery to begin with. So my friend and his wife went up and knocked. A man came to an upstairs window and my friend told him “we sorry to bother you but…” 

Before he had a chance to finish, the man said “No you are not, you were in the cemetery.” We told him what had happened. But he was reluctant to talk to us. He told us that a murder had happened there about a week ago. He asked us how he could be sure we were not there to harm him. We told him we mean no harm. He reluctantly came to the door, but before anything he asked us all for our drivers licenses. He took them and then he said he must be insane, but he’d take us to a gas station. From there we would have to figure it out ourselves. He drove us to a gas station and dropped us off. 

I called one of my friends who came to pick us up. By now it was about 3:00am. That night we went back to my parents’ house and sleep a few hours. The next morning we took my car and drove back to Jackson Cemetery to take a look at my friends car. The cemetery seemed very “pure”. There was a sense of calm and serenity. My friend opened his car and turned the key in the ignition. It started right up. We drove out of there and never looked back. 

I never told anyone about that night for years. Just two weeks ago I was visiting with friends in Baroda, MI and one of my friends was telling ghost stories of experiences he had in places he had lived including his current farm. He told stories of things falling off the walls and the personalities of the ghosts he has encountered. At this point I told him the story I just told you. My body was covered in goose bumps. Days later when I was at home, I decided to do some Internet searches about the cemetery. I came upon several sites of haunted places in Indiana, including yours. That is when I came upon the Primrose info. I got chills down my spine, remembering that night back on the 10th of November 2004. I was driving west of South Bend on Adams Rd. I had never been in this area before. I came to a sharp turn in the road. Just before that I saw a road to the left that caught my attention for some reason. I decided to turn around and investigate. As I drove down the road, I found myself under a canopy of trees. I began to feel a bit “weird”. I was telling myself speed up, no slow down. I couldn’t make up my mind. I was very worried that my car would die. (Even though it was only a two year old car.) I got the feeling I should not be here. I stopped the car and turned around. I was very scared and as I looked into the woods I saw what appeared to be eyes looking at me. And I just felt a lot of strange “energy”. I also noticed that the outside temperature gage in my car gad dropped. I started thinking back to the Jackson Cemetery incident years ago, so I got the hell out of there. I continued westward where I took some great photos of the Northern Lights. I have driven back by Primrose several times since then. I never drove down the road again; but I still get an uneasy feeling when I drive by there. 

I’m not a crazy person. I’m married. I have a professional job. I rarely tell anyone about these incidents. But I know that they happened. When I do tell the stories, I wonder if people believe me, because I know how skeptical I often am when someone tells me a story of an unusual nature. I can guarantee you that none of this story is embellished or exaggerated. If anything, it is “under-exaggerated”. Since these incidents, I have had several other incidents where I felt strange energies or got very uneasy or surreal feelings or saw strange things. (The Lakeside Inn in Lakeside, MI; the Cartier Mansion in Ludington, MI; dining at the Tippecanoe Place Restaurant in South Bend; and while kayaking on the St. Joseph River between South Bend and Niles; to name a few.) I am now much more open to the idea that there are so many things that we can not explain or that we are reluctant to accept. When I came across your site, I thought maybe you’d be interested in hearing my stories. 


Heroic Spirit by Tanya

Back in 1996, I worked nights and was home during the day doing household chores. I would always hear footsteps behind me as I moved from room to room in my new apartment. It never happened when my children were there, only when I was alone. This started to frighten me, so I contacted my mother who is a minister of the church. She informed me that is was a displaced spirit and tell it to leave in the name of Jesus. The next morning, the footsteps were present again. I frantically stood in the middle of the floor and said, “if you are a Godly spirit you are welcomed, but you are scaring me. If you are a spirit of the enemy you are not welcomed and in the name of Jesus you must leave! After that, no more footsteps were heard. 

Some few days later, my children (7 and 8 years old) and I were at home watching a family program on tv. When the commercial came on, my 8 year old went to the bathroom. My 7 year old turned to me with her eyes widened and mouth open. As she sat there listless, she asked, “what is that behind you mom?” I turned and did not see anything. I asked, “What are you talking about, baby?” She responded, “there is something behind you.” Still, I saw nothing! My 8 year old returned from the bathroom and she looked at me with the same excitement on her face as she asked me what was behind me. My children asked me in a questionable tone, “Mom, you don’t see that? Come over here maybe you can see it better.” Still, I saw nothing. I demanded that they stop because I was frighten and told them if they didn’t stop, I would discipline them. They begged me not to discipline them, but was adamant about something being behind me. I asked them to describe it, but they could not. They said, “whatever it is, its nice because we feel like its nice.” They also told me not to worry about it because it won’t harm us. I knew then, that whatever was behind me was still there, but was being quiet enough not to scare me anymore. Later that night, when we were asleep. It woke me! I was dreaming of a carwash at the time, but I heard a voice telling me to wake up because someone is going to break into my apartment. This voice repeated the message until I finally woke up. I laid in bed looking around the room, wondering where that voice came from. Just then, someone on the outside was fiddling with the doorknob. Then the perpetrator gave a few hard pushes to the door. I jumped out of bed and called 911, sweating with heavy breathing. I did not wake my children because I did not want to scare them. My front door was weak, as the landlord was coming back the following day to repair it, but for some reason the perpetrator could not make his way into my home. Suddenly, I heard the police outside taking him away! I knew then, that spirit was there to protect us just as my children indicated it was harmless.