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The Ghost in Seat J-47 of Hibbing High School’s Auditorium

Care to have a seat? Talk about real school spirit!

In northern Minnesota, a medieval-looking building known as Hibbing High School is the center of not just a rich heritage but of paranormal activity. The school’s auditorium has seen its share of hauntings and ghost stories. There have been rumors and legends of death floating around the auditorium since the auditorium’s inception such as a person falling off the balcony or the chandelier/stage light falling on a person in the seats below who some believe to be the first stage manager, Bill. Bill was supposedly a stage manager from 1927 all the way to his death in the late 1960s. Rumors had spread that he died from either a heart attack or, seeing as he always sat in the J-47 seat which was basically “his seat” while watching the students’ performances, that the stage light or chandelier had fallen on his head, resulting in his death.

Below is a picture of the auditorium where paranormal activity has taken place:

Chuck Perry has been the stage manager at the high school since 1979 and has heard several ghost stories. Perry recalls an incident in the early 1990s when a woman walked around the J-47 row and felt a cold chill as well as a feeling of uneasiness. There have been numerous other accounts of the same incident bordering paranormal activity. It was then that Perry decided to take some shots of the auditorium as well as the area where the visitors felt uncomfortable. The photograph above shows an apparition caught on an old Polaroid camera of a man from the waist up, in old attire with a hat. There were a total of 50 shots taken and six of them showed green and red orbs as well as a full-blown apparition in the J-47 seat.

One of the first stories Perry ever heard about ghosts being present in the school auditorium involved the backstage area. Perry said the incident took place in the mid-1970s, before he started working at the high school.

"We have 10 dressing rooms, and one of them is really large. Supposedly this gal was back there getting her makeup on before the show. Somebody walked in the dressing room she assumed was in costume, she looked up, and they just kind of were gone. And that happened two or three times in that room."

Around the auditorium, several students and staff have heard footsteps in the hallways towards the auditorium. One such incident involved a janitor who claimed to have heard someone enter a classroom behind him as he was cleaning one night after school. As he turned around to look, he heard footsteps move back into the hall and returned to his work, only to have the footsteps return again. Never seeing anything, the janitor only heard phantom footsteps and isn’t alone.

Below is the video Chuck Perry created and not only shows the six photographs taken but he recalls his paranormal account with the auditorium:

Numerous paranormal investigators have paid a visit to the auditorium to get a better grasp of the J-47 hauntings and captured several EVPs and have experienced similar encounters that visitors, students and faculty have come across. The high school is one of the most famous haunted places in the world and is featured in Jeff Belanger’s book, World’s Most Haunted Places.

Along with its ghosts, the high school has it’s share of notable alumni such as singer/songwriter, Bob Dylan and former NBA player, Kevin McHale of the Boston Celtics (ETA).

The Hibbing High School and it’s famous auditorium are locatedΒ on 21st St. at 8th Ave. in Hibbing, Minnesota.

* CORRECTION: Former NBA player, Kevin McHale of the Boston Celtics attended Hibbing High School and not the star of Glee.*

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