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Episode #4: Chuck Bergman by Bruno & Anthony of MyParanormal
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In this podcast we talk to one of the most intriguing people we’ve interviewed on the show; a former police officer and now a psychic medium, Chuck Bergman. Chuck has been featured on the A&E show, Psychic Search. He impresses both Bruno and Anthony with his psychic abilities and shares a rather interesting story about a famous person who he meets in the spirit world!

Chuck Bergman was great fun and a definite pleasure to have on our show. His amazing accuracy left both of us scratching our heads. He surprises Anthony and myself which is beyond belief, amazing! Be sure to download the whole podcast to hear his reading on both of us.

In the above clip, Chuck tells Bruno of a highlight from his career and meeting a rather famous and well known spirit in the spirit world! Who could it be? Tune in to find out!

To watch a clip of Psychic Search with Chuck Bergman, check it out here at his YouTube channel.


Download the entire fourth episode here.

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