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Episode #1: The Hannah House by Bruno & Anthony of MyParanormal
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MyParanormal Podcast #1: The Hannah House

In our first episode, we interview Ali from The Hannah House.

The Hannah House is known as one of the most haunted places in Indiana, but is there any truth behind these claims? Bruno, Anthony, and our guest dive into the lush history and discuss many paranormal experiences that people have had through the years at this compelling location.

The most famous story is this one, quoted from The Hannah House’s official website:

On one tragic night, a group of slaves, cramped into a dark dirt-floored cellar, sit waiting for the right time to leave their hiding spot in the Hannah House, and head for the freedom of Canada.  One of them unknowingly tips over an oil lamp, instantly igniting a fire that traps them there; many to be killed by smoke inhalation and burns within only a few minutes.  The dead are buried in the very cellar that claimed their lives, in an attempt to cover up any trace of this incident as quickly as possible…

This story is not only true, it happened in this very house.  And ever since then, the cellar of the Hannah House has been a known area for paranormal activity.  Spectral slaves have been witnessed by several people, hiding in the shadows,moans and voices have been heard, and cold spots have been felt.  It seems that some of the slaves killed on that night may have stayed around, still hiding in the safety of the basement that protected them in life.

But what’s the whole story? Listen to find out. In this clip above, Bruno and Ali discuss the paranormal activity within The Hannah House.


Download the entire first episode here.

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