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My Paranormal Podcast: Psychic Mediumship Series Part 2 - Jennifer Farmer

Today we bring you the second part of our two part Mediumship series. In this episode, we interview psychic medium, Jennifer Farmer. Jennifer is a psychic-medium with natural abilities that evolve and strengthen. She is genuine in her concern for the well being of all her clients and with a delicate and sensitive touch, is able to shift and expand the awareness in her clients. In our interview, we discuss many more facets of mediumship and ask her, why can’t mediums predict the lottery and if there really are animals in the spirit world. The answer will surprise you!

via Jennifer’s website:

  • helping you to overcome depression which can affect so many areas of your life
  • finding your true self – the real you, so that you can start to live a full and purposeful life
  • gaining clarity, spiritual guidance, and resolution in personal and professional relationships
  • helping you through the healing process resulting from the death and loss of a loved one.

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To get in touch with Jennifer Farmer, “like” her on Facebook, follow her on Twitter and watch her on YouTube. On her website, she gives tips for readings with further details on how you can schedule your own appointment with her.

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