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The Beliefs of Women and Men on the Paranormal

New research has indicated that belief in various paranormal topics differs between men and women.

While both genders tend to believe in paranormal topics, the key difference is in which ones.

Teacher and researcher Kylie Sturgess found that women were more likely to believe in astrology, psychics and ghosts; whereas men are more predisposed to believe in aliens, cryptozoological creatures and conspiracy theories.

"Women are more likely to be at the ‘social’ end of paranormal beliefs," Sturgess said to The Sydney Morning Herald. “They’re more likely to believe in things like mediums, astrology, psychic healing, and ghosts. Men, for instance, are more likely than women to believe in the alien astronaut theories of Erich von Daniken, and more cryptozoological things like the Loch Ness monster.”

Do you agree with what Sturgess’ research concluded?

To read more of that article check it out here at The Sydney Morning Herald.

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