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Montauk Monster in New York?

This past week, photographs of a mysterious carcass likened to the infamous, Montauk Monster have been circulating the internet. The “Montauk Monster” was an unidentified creature that washed ashore dead onto a beach near the business district of Montauk, New York back in July of 2008. Its identity remains a mystery to this day and the veracity of stories surrounding it have been the subject of unresolved controversy and speculation. 

When Denise Ginley took the photographs last week, she claims to have spotted the creature beneath the Brooklyn Bridge and dubbed it ‘The East River Monster’. The New York City Parks Department claimed that the animal was a pig until keen-eyed observers pointed out that it had claws as oppose to trotters.

"Several other people were looking and taking photos, and everyone had a different opinion about what it was (suggestions included giant rat, dog, pig, monster, and seal)," said Ginley. "Obviously I thought it was gross, but it was just so strange looking I wanted to get closer … strangely enough, it did not smell, maybe because it had been in the water so long."

Ginley said the animal was about 60 cm long from head to tail and asked, “Is this another incarnation of the Montauk Monster, or just the biggest rat in the city?

WGN Chicago covered the story. Watch the video below:

To see more photographs of the mysterious creature in all its glory, check out the New York Daily News.

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