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UFO sightings on the rise in Canada

An interesting study coming out of Canada shares a recent finding where UFO sightings have neared a record high in 2011. 

According to a report released earlier this week by Ufology Research, which has closely studied unidentified flying objects in the country since 1989, there were 986 sightings across the country in 2011—making it almost 3 sightings a day and each lasted an approximate, eleven minutes. Back in 2008, the national record for a single year was 1,004 sightings. Ontario led the country in sightings, with British Columbia seeing witnessing 406 accounts, and Alberta placed third.

"Ontario is getting more of the share of the UFO reports every year. There used to be an emphasis on the west, in some of our earlier reports," Chris Rutkowski, the national Ufology group’s research director, said in Winnipeg on Tuesday.

To read the complete study, check out the 2011 Canadian UFO Survey at Google Documents compiled by Geoff Dittman and Chris Rotkowski.