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Chuck Bergman: The Psychic Cop

Chuck Bergman is a renowned psychic medium and retired police officer. He’s co-authored the book, The Everything Guide to Evidence of the Afterlife and assisted in many high-profile cases around the world. Bergman’s abilities were put to the test in his featured TV pilot for Psychic Search which aired on the A&E and Biography channels. He has been featured in many news articles and on live radio shows and has hosted group reading sessions all over the country. 

We, at My Paranormal had the opportunity to interview Chuck Bergman for our own podcast which you can check out here. For that podcast stream, check out the episode at Official FM.

Bergman has now written his own autobiography where he chronicles his life, as a gifted child with unique psychic abilities through to his 32-year police career with the Salem, Massachusetts Police Department and shares stories that seek to answer age-old questions about the existence of life after death in his new nonfiction, The Psychic Cop published by Balboa Press.

“I have accumulated an overwhelming number of true-life stories that would confirm that there really is life after death,” Bergman writes. “Communication with the spirit world is definitely possible.”

Below is an excerpt from the book care of Balboa Press:

“I was summoned into the office of the Police Chief, Robert St. Pierre…As I entered his office, my stomach dropped as I saw James Van Praagh’s website on the Chief’s computer. I had just been added to his practitioner’s page.

‘Have a seat, Charlie,’ he said. ‘We have to talk. How can I explain that I have an officer carrying a weapon who is known for hearing voices?’ There was no easy escape for me. I reminded the Chief that we were in Salem, MA, as I pointed to my police arm patch showing a witch riding on a broomstick. He was not amused.”

“The spirit world does exist,” Bergman asserts. “There is an afterlife.”

You can buy Chuck Bergman’s book, The Psychic Cop on Balboa PressAmazon and Barnes & Noble.

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