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The Real Men in Black

Men in Black. Fact or fiction?

Hundreds of witnesses across the United States and world believe them to be real. These smartly dressed spin-doctors routinely visit the homes of those that have recently claimed to see a UFO or had an alien encounter of another kind. Their aim is to hide the truth about UFOs and alien abductions while encouraging civilians to keep their experiences secret. Their methods are a combination of intimidation, manipulation and confusion — they do not erase memories, like most would believe as shown in the Men in Black films.

Reported encounters with the MIB are often bizarre and vary so much so, that gathering any useful information about them is virtually impossible — which is exactly what any secret group would want. One theory explains that the MIB’s strange behavior as an attempt to hide their own existence, making reported MIB encounters seem too incredible to believe.

A typical MIB scenario goes a little something like this: someone sees something strange, perhaps a mysterious object floating through the sky, followed by what appears to be military aircraft. This person would go home, eager to tell family and friends of the incredible sight but before he gets the chance to tell anyone, he’s visited by odd-looking men that tell him the smallest details about his experience, even though he has yet to tell anyone. Reports have noted that the Men in Black have sometimes posed as salesmen or something else not very threatening in order to ease in with the witness and make it clear to them that what they saw, must keep to themselves and not shared. They will then erase any evidence of the strange activities that have occurred, and leave.

Some cases through the years have seen an ex-Air Force member being gassed and interrogated by the Men in Black after he learned about classified NASA secrets, while another saw a teenager being threatened for capturing close-up photographs of UFOs, with another case one finding the MIB being sighted in the lobby of the US State Department.

Most recently, a case was released about two witnesses standing outside their hotel, overlooking the Falls and the Niagara River, watching as a large, slow-moving triangular craft with three white lights on all three sides, pulsing red in the middle moved from east to west. The unidentified craft moved approximately a hundred feet above the 32 storey hotel and continued west until it was completely out of sight. To read further case details, be sure to check out the release from the API Team.

The hotel lobby surveillance cameras showed shortly after the sighting of two men dressed in black, wearing trench coats and fedoras entering the hotel where it was reported they harassed hotel staff for information. A video on YouTube, which can be seen below shows the two men entering the hotel. The video, obtained by the investigators with the witnesses’ permission, over-dubbed his voice recording of the MIB incident portion of the interview, maintaining the witnesses’ identities.

It was a few years ago that actor, Dan Aykroyd mentioned his own experience with the Men in Black in his documentary, Dan Aykroyd: Unplugged on UFOs. He mentions about the time he was talking on the phone to Britney Spears, who had asked him to appear on the episode she hosted of Saturday Night Live when all of a sudden, he noticed the MIB with a black car, observing him but looked back a moment later to realize they were gone. Shortly afterward, the producers of the program he was taping for, a sci-fi paranormal series diving into UFOs and the unknown was ordered to shut it all down. A seemingly unremarkable coincidence until you realize that the show itself was about to blow the lid with valuable information about UFOs and government conspiracies. To hear that encounter and Aykroyd’s other UFO encounters, watch the video below: - Dan Aykroyd: UFOs, Alien Spirals and Men In Black

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