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Paranormal activity? Check in aisle 2…

Are ghosts haunting a local supermarket? The southern Australian town of Brompton is a little spooked after CCTV video captured what appears to be proof that their local IGA is haunted.

Last Thursday night, owner Norm Hurst closed up, leaving the shop in ship-shape condition but at 11:30pm, the CCTV cameras mysteriously switched on to capture a packet of Roll-Ups in the middle of aisle. 

Doesn’t sound too spooky, right? Well, the story gets strange when you consider that the roll-ups are kept 12 metres, an aisle and a corner away. The footage below clearly shows the Roll-Up packet being flung into the middle of the aisle - from the pasta section, no less.

"One of the cameras shows the packet of Roll-Ups just arriving on the ground — it’s not just slid off, it’s been thrown out of the pasta, yet the roll-ups are kept 12 metres away," Hurst told Adelaide Now.

Hurst bought the store in October 2011 and was warned by the previous owners that the shop was haunted once. Before becoming an IGA, it was a video store with some speculating that perhaps the ghost of world famous boxer, Bora Altintas haunts the spot as he was shot dead in front of the store. A bullet hole from the incident was found under the shelf, inside the phone box outside the then video store. 

Is there a logical explanation or is it something more supernatural? Let us know what you think.

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