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Primrose Rd in South Bend, Indiana

A few years ago, our very paranormal investigations group, GPIG (Goshen Paranormal Investigations Group) looked into Primrose Rd., located just northwest of South Bend, off Old Cleveland Rd.

A long time local hotspot for paranormal activity, the stretch of road accompanied by a thick, tunnel-like canopy of trees towering overhead is haunted by more than one different thing — so the story goes. It may not be creepy enough for you in the daylight hours but those who’ve visited the road at night, see it as an entirely different world which is plain but eerie.

Many have encountered a phantom farmhouse that appears but doesn’t stay long enough for one to get close and investigate. Some say ghosts will appear and begin to talk to you, asking you to turn around and go back to your car as danger is imminent but our group didn’t encounter such a thing. Instead, while going down Primrose, strange noises and disembodied voices were heard and a sudden spike in our own K2 meter.

Below is a photograph captured from our investigation that we thought would be interesting to share with you all. As you can see, a misty streak of light is present in the photo. What could this possibly be?

N.I.P.S Paranormal investigated the location back in 2008, reporting that something was seen.

"Out of the corner of my eye I saw something move across in between a very small opening between trees where we captured a picture of a figure we believe to be a woman looking across the road futher down. We had one piece of solid evidence; most pictures we snapped had orbs in [them] but then again could be discounted as we were on a dirt road kicking up it into the air which could get on the lense. Finally we decided after a fairly uneventful night to head home to take a glance at the evidence. As we passed down the road slowly snapping pictures out the window one more time we heard a strange sound of footsteps thumping behind the car and something coming close enough to Allen, to out of instinct, step on the gas and give a good burst out of the dark dirt road to the clean black pavement and sat there looking at each other.”

Tales have been long told of Primrose Rd. like how some claim to hear the clomping of a horse or horses and see one moving from one side of the woods to the other behind your car.

Could the investigators have heard the clomping of a horse that some do often hear? Who knows.

It’s been said that the phone signal gets lost or the car’s tires get slashed but those have proved to be pure myth from many who have clearly debunked these rumors. Some visitors have noticed that on the corner of Brick Rd. and Primrose Rd. though that the street lamps begin to flicker while others on the road have seen shadow figures, walking back and forth and seen figures in the woods at a standstill.

Though it’s unclear as to why this road in particular is haunted, legends of occult rituals taking place on the lake of the west side of the road are a popular one. One legend speaks of a woman who was sacrificed and thrown into the lake. Paranormal investigators and visitors report seeing her on the night she was murdered going through the rituals again and that a strange but immense sense of sadness near the lake overpowers one’s own feelings.

…however, if there’s any sort of paranormal activity present here, you’d have to see it to really believe it.

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